Division of Administrative Support (VS)

We support the core business at the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, IKE

Office interiourPhoto credit: Thor Balkhed

The main task for the Administrative Support is to support IKE's extensive core business. To achieve the goal of a professional and proficient business support, we continuously work with improvement and increased efficiency so that our resources and skills will be of use in the best way.

The work within the administrative group is characterised by "team, resources and flexibility". Administrative support includes administration in finance, human resource, education, management support, information, divisional administration, procurement, records management, IT and web, both within undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Administrative support is conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the administration every second year, in order to capture the needs of the core business and the assessment of the administration. Based on the evaluation different development areas have been identified. What pleases us is that the overall index on the evaluation of the whole administrative group has a value of 4.5 (minimum 1 and maximum of 6).

You will find us at the junction of Sandbäcksgatan and Lasarettsgatan.

The administration buildingPhoto credit: Thor Balkhed

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