Department of Social and Welfare Studies (ISV)

ISV encompasses a range of operations focusing on social and welfare issues. From these perspectives we study various life phenomena and challenges.

Currently we have over 210 employees, distributed in seven divisions and three faculties. Teaching and research account for equal proportions of our activities, percentage-wise. The number of full-year students at the undergraduate and graduate levels is approximately 1,400, and the number of doctoral students approximately 60. Our operations are located on Campus Norrköping.

Our teaching and research focus on man and society. For us it is the interaction between teaching, research and the surrounding community that sets the tone.

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Single subject-courses and Contract education


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Central office ISV

Täppan Building, Floor 6, Bredgatan 34, Campus Norrköping

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Linköping University, Department of Social  and Welfare Studies, 601 74 Norrköping