Division of Occupational Therapy (AT)

The division's education and research activities in occupational therapy are carried out at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies, which is part of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

We apply an interdisciplinary and multi-profession approach, with the aim of integrating knowledge, theories and methods from different subjects and disciplinary domains.

Until the end of 2015, we were part of the Division of Health, Activity, Care (HAV), which has now been reorganised into two new divisions: the Division of Occupational Therapy and the Division of Nursing Science.

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The division includes the Occupational Therapy programme and all its constituent courses.

We also offer courses within the Master's programme (Occupational Therapy/Public Health Sciences/Physiotherapy/Speech and Language Pathology/Medical Education/Nursing) at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Research and Doctoral Studies

Research in occupational therapy is principally carried out within the Society and Health domain at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Research is focused on functional disabilities in everyday life and comprises children and young people, adults and the oldest old.

Our doctoral studies are in the field Medicine and Health Sciences/Occupational Therapy.

Single-subject courses and contract education

The single-subject courses offered at the division also come under the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

We offer skills development through contract education programmes directed towards organisations, municipalities, county councils, government agencies and companies. We tailor the programmes according to clients' wishes, at the first-cycle as well as the second-cycle level. 

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Master's Programme and Doctoral Studies
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Single subject-courses and Contract education
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Contact us
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Visiting address

Division of Occupational Therapy

Kåkenhus Building, Kungsgatan 40, Campus Norrköping

Postal address

Linköping University, Department of Social  and Welfare Studies, 601 74 Norrköping

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