Division of Nursing Science (OMV)

The new Division of Nursing Science carries on education and research in nursing science at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies, which is part of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

We focus on creative, innovative thinking and stress interdisciplinary, multi-professional working methods that integrate the knowledge, theory and methodology of various subjects and scientific disciplines.

We collaborate closely with the Division of Nursing at the Department of Medical and Health Sciences. We work together to offer first and second-cycle nursing education.




The division offers first and second-cycle nursing education. We offer all courses for the Nursing Programme in Norrköping and teach as part of the Midwifery Programme and the various Specialist Nursing Programmes.

We also offer courses within the Master's programme (Occupational Therapy/Public Health Sciences/Physiotherapy/Speech and Language Pathology/Medical Education/Nursing) at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

Research and PhD education

Most research is conducted in the field Nursing Science at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The division has several ongoing research projects on, for example, the use of e-health tools and research on living with dementia.

Our doctoral studies are in the field Medicine and Health Sciences/Nursing Science and has several PhD students.

Single-subject courses and contract education

The single-subject courses offered at the division also come under the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

We offer skills development through contract education programmes directed towards organisations, municipalities, county councils, government agencies and companies. We tailor the programmes according to clients' wishes, at the first-cycle as well as the second-cycle level. 


Some of our research projects

Second-cycle education

Doctoral Studies, Single-subject courses and Contract education




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