Administrative support (VS)

At VS about twenty employees work with operational and central administration. 

The administrative support section at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies (ISV) provides professional and effective administrative and technical support to employees and students in order to support research and education and help to create attractive academic environments.

About VS

VS at all divisions

VS is represented at all of the department’s operational sections.

  • Division of Occupational Therapy (AT)
  • Learning, Aesthetics, Natural Science (LEN)
  • Division Ageing and Social Change (ASC)
  • Division of Nursing Science (OMV/ISV)
  • Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO)
  • Division Social work (SOCARB)

Central administration at ISV

  • Section management VS
  • Economy group
  • HR
  • Communication
  • Infrastructure

Personnel pages

Visit our personnel pages to read about our work tasks and appointments. 
Our contact details are also found there.



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