Computational Mathematics (BM)

Computational mathematics is the branch of applied mathematics that develops and analyses numerical methods and algorithms for the solution of mathematical problems mainly from science and engineering. Important topics are well-posedness of the governing partial differential equations and convergence of the related numerical approximation. Topics such as accuracay, stability and efficiency of the numerical approximations, software aspects and computer implementation are important. The research at this division is directed towards the solution of time-dependent partial differential equations.



Latest publications


Samira Nikkar, Jan Nordström

A dual consistent summation-by-parts formulation for the linearized incompressible Navier-Stokes equations posed on deforming domains

In Journal of Computational Physics

Article in journal

Jan Nordström, Markus Wahlsten

Robust Design of Initial Boundary Value Problems

In Uncertainty Management for Robust Industrial Design in Aeronautics

Chapter in book


Gunilla Kreiss, Lars Eldén


In BIT Numerical Mathematics

Article in journal

Jan Nordström, Hannes Frenander

On Long Time Error Bounds for the Wave Equation on Second Order Form

In Journal of Scientific Computing

Article in journal

Viktor Linders, Tomas Lundquist, Jan Nordström

On the order of Accuracy of Finite Difference Operators on Diagonal Norm Based Summation-by-Parts Form

In SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis

Article in journal



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