Computational Mathematics (BM)

Computational mathematics is the branch of applied mathematics that develops and analyses numerical methods and algorithms for the solution of mathematical problems mainly from science and engineering. Important topics are well-posedness of the governing partial differential equations and convergence of the related numerical approximation. Topics such as accuracay, stability and efficiency of the numerical approximations, software aspects and computer implementation are important. The research at this division is directed towards the solution of time-dependent partial differential equations.



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Mohammad Jahedi, Fredrik Berntsson, Joakim Wren, Bahram Moshfegh

Transient inverse heat conduction problem of quenching a hollow cylinder by one row of water jets

In International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

Article in journal

Emanuel Evarest Sinkwembe, Fredrik Berntsson, Martin Singull, Xiangfeng Yang

Weather Derivatives Pricing Using Regime Switching Model

In , Monte Carlo Methods and Applications

Article in journal

Andrea A Ruggiu, Jan Nordström

On pseudo-spectral time discretizations in summation-by-parts form

In Journal of Computational Physics

Article in journal

Hannes Frenander, Jan Nordström

Spurious solutions for the advection-diffusion equation using wide stencils for approximating the second derivative

In Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Article in journal

Andrea A Ruggiu, Per Weinerfelt, Jan Nordström

A new multigrid formulation for high order finite difference methods on summation-by-parts form

In Journal of Computational Physics

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