Computational Mathematics (BM)

Computational mathematics is the branch of applied mathematics that develops and analyses numerical methods and algorithms for the solution of mathematical problems mainly from science and engineering. Important topics are well-posedness of the governing partial differential equations and convergence of the related numerical approximation. Topics such as accuracay, stability and efficiency of the numerical approximations, software aspects and computer implementation are important. The research at this division is directed towards the solution of time-dependent partial differential equations.

We provide courses at undergraduate level in Matlab programming, basic use and analysis of numerical algorithms, and advanced courses in linear algebra, linear analysis and partial differential equations.

Public defence of doctoral theses

12 december 2017

Public disputation in Computational Mathematics: Viktor Linders

13:15 pm – 15:15 pm Ada Lovelace (former Visionen), B Building, entrance 27, level 2, Campus Valla

Viktor Linders, at the Department of Mathematics, defends his thesis entitled "Error analysis for summation-by-parts formulations: dispersion, transmission and accuracy". Opponent is Mark Huitt Carpenter, Doctor, NASA Langley Research Ceenter, VA, USA.




Latest publications


Ossian O'Reilly, Eric M Dunham, Jan Nordström

Simulation of Wave Propagation Along Fluid-Filled Cracks Using High-Order Summation-by-Parts Operators and Implicit-Explicit Time Stepping

In SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing

Article in journal

Touraj Nikazad, Mokhtar Abbasi, Tommy Elfving

Error minimizing relaxation strategies in Landweber and Kaczmarz type iterations

In Journal of Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems

Article in journal

Hannes Frenander, Jan Nordström

Constructing non-reflecting boundary conditions using summation-by-parts in time

In Journal of Computational Physics

Article in journal

Jan Nordström

A Roadmap to Well Posed and Stable Problems in Computational Physics

In Journal of Scientific Computing

Article in journal

Samira Nikkar, Jan Nordström

A fully discrete, stable and conservative summation-by-parts formulation for deforming interfaces

In Journal of Computational Physics

Article in journal


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