Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (MTM)

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics conducts research in a broad range of fields. We have researchers working in analysis, algebra, geometry, topology, combinatorics and mathematics education. Our work in applied mathematics aims to develop and use mathematical methods and tools in order to solve problems in both established and emerging areas of science and technology.

Mathematics has a natural and important place in many of Linköping University's degree programmes, primarily in engineering programmes, and our teaching in the Department primarily consists of providing a comprehensive range of courses in mathematics to these students.

Defence of doctoral and licentiate theses

27 september 2018

1 oktober 2018




Undergraduate courses

Basic courses include linear algebra, single- and multivariable calculus, discrete mathematics, and geometry. Our supplementary courses include vector analysis, complex analysis, transform theory, fourier- and wavelet analysis, functional analysis, and ordinary and partial differential equations. Moreover, courses in abstract algebra, number theory, graph theory, geometry, differential geometry, and theory of relativity are given.

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Department of Mathematics

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