Optimization (OPT)

To optimize is to find the best possible solution to a problem. Optimization is a mathematical science and is based on mathematical models that define what is good/bad and what is feasible/infeasible. The best solution to such a model is found with the help of efficient solutions methods, based on mathematical algorithms and efficient implementations. This way one can solve real life problems within many different areas, such as telecommunication, forestry, railway, finance, transportation, production etcetera.




Undergraduate courses

Most of the engineering programmes and the mathematical programme take at least one required course in optimization.

The courses include modeling, theory, and solution methods of optimization problems in mainly the areas linear, nonlinear, network and integer optimization. We also give a number of supplementary courses which include advanced modeling, Lagrangean relaxation, subgradient optimization, column generation, decomposition methods, heuristics, and meta heuristics.

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