IT Division (LIUIT)

A well-functioning IT environment is an element of everyday life for all our employees and students, and it is this function that our division provides, develops and manages. 

At the IT Division, we work to deliver user-focussed solutions based on operational requirements. It is important that these solutions are based on secure, cost-effective and stable services and infrastructure. Our work encompasses the university in its entirety.

Our operations are characterised in that we undergo continuous learning in order to develop together with the rapidly changing technology. We collaborate with others both within and without the division in order to solve our tasks in the best possible manner. It is our goal to work with continuous improvement and to be prepared to adapt to changing circumstances.

The IT Division consists of six offices with different areas of responsibility:

  • Applications Office – designs, develops, manages and maintains the applications that the university uses.
  • Digital Resources Office – creates common solutions for computer rooms and manages sound and vision presentation in educational premises, together with the internal rental of sound and vision equipment.
  • Device Management Office – administers, keeps inventories and manages the various workplaces in Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • IT Infrastructure Office – manages issues of security, and designs, develops, manages and maintains the IT infrastructure.
  • IT Service Office – provides support and help to the university’s operations in the form of the customer centre, reception desk, switchboard services and internal training.
  • Project and Development Office – conducts development projects in various fields, such as the university website.


Working at the IT Division

Contact Management

Applications Office

Digital Resources Office

Device Management Office

IT Infrastructure Office

IT Service Office

Project and Development Office

LiU's Incident Response Team, IRT

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