Road, sea and air

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A diverse and vibrant research field, both in the region and at LiU. It includes all aspects of moving people, whether by bicycle, train, car or plane, and of transporting goods by road, sea or air.

Researchers here also study how telecommunications can be used to improve the intelligent transport and traffic systems of the future, as well as how mathematical models can help describe and develop these systems.

Moreover, the research is interdisciplinary. Examples include advanced supercomputer calculations that are used to develop the heavy transport vehicles of the future, train scheduling that enables better punctuality, and how to design public transport so that it attracts motorists, but not cyclists.

Hub for transport research

Transport research is also conducted in close collaboration with LiU’s strategic partner, VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. This combination gives Region Östergötland a leading role in Swedish transport research, with considerable international impact.

Research within this area is also conducted at the Centre for Advanced Research in Emergency Response (CARER). Related research areas such as city logistics and environmental logistics are found under Logistics, below.

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