Centre for Business Model Innovation (CBMI)

The centre for business model innovation (CBMI) takes a starting point in the role of businesses in society, and the way in which business models are changed and renewed over time in order to adapt to societal and business changes.

It is not enough to focus on business models that solely adress the individual company’s profitability and value creation. The companies’ societal contract is continuously debated, for instance the views and legislations about corporate taxes and corruption, how companies impact environmental and social wellbeing, and how products and services as well as production processes, positively or negatively, affect human and animal welfare. The role that corporations should or could have in shaping the future and the value they can provide to the society is also an input into business model innovation, which include incremental changes as well as the creation of entirely new business models.

Value creation and the business ecosystem

Another core aspect in this research is the view that companies do not operate in a void but are part of a business ecosystem where a large number of stakeholders are part of and recipients of value generation. It is not enough to view the creation and capture of value from an individual firm’s perspective, instead this is done in collaboration with the downstream customer channel and the supply chain as well as with a multitude of stakeholder actors, such as financial market actors and shareholders, employees and unions, government and regulatory bodies as well as NGO’s, media and even academia. The understanding and appreciation of the created value differs between different stakeholders, and as industries, markets and society change, the value can take on different shapes and it becomes key for both academia and firms, as well as other actors, to understand how this change occurs and what the result may be.

Under this umbrella we are able to address pivotal areas such as supply chain sustainability, servitization, digitalization and proactivity throughout our research. Our aim is to be at the forefront of both cutting edge research as well as industry applications, and to be both relevant as well as contemporary in what we do. Our research is typically carried out in close cooperation with industry. We have extensive experience in cooperative research processes that include workshops, industry-specific conferences and whitepapers/books.

Research tracks

Research in CBMI is primarily carried out in four research tracks;

  • Proactive market strategies
  • Servitization and Service Business Models
  • Value chain sustainability
  • Technology-driven business model innovation.

For questions please contact the director of the center Professor Jakob Rehme or anyone of the senior researchers responsible for the research tracks.

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