City Logistics

Transport och logistik i Linköping

City logistics tackles the challenges arising from the distribution of goods in urban areas. In the research and innovation agenda for future logistics, city logistics is lifted up as one of the key development areas for the Swedish logistics research and development in the future.

Urbanization trend leads to greater consumption and thus increased distribution needs. A socially, environmentally and economically attractive city is dependent on the availability of different products, but the logistics activities such as transportation has a major negative impact on the city's attractiveness such as noise, safety, visual impact and emissions. In order to meet the economic, environmental and social goals set within Sweden and the EU, major changes are necessary.

Our expertise in the design and management of goods flows, from both a distributors and goods owners perspective is central to meet the challenges flows of goods have within the city. Through the design and management of logistics systems in the city, we can provide more cost-effective solutions to reduce the negative social and environmental impact and increase the delivery service for the consignee.

Improved city logistics can benefit all stakeholders in the city: business, trade, residents, and property owners.

Some keywords for research in this area are: system approach, stakeholder involvement, knowledge creation and dissemination, performance measurement, sustainable business models, innovation.