Electronic Plants

Ros i elektroniskt experiment

A new technological concept based on the integration of electronics within living plants.

Principal Investigator: Eleni Stavrinidou 

Electronic plants (E-Plants) is an organic bioelectronics platform that allows electronic interface with living plants.

The concept of E-Plants was introduced in 2015 (Science Advances), when we demonstrated plants augmented with electronic functionality for the first time. Using the vascular system and organs of a plant, organic electronic devices and circuits were manufactured in vivo, leveraging the internal structure and physiology of the plant as both the template and an integral part of the devices.

Our research aims to develop a technology based on in vivo manufacturing techniques and self-organization of organic electronic materials, targeting new device concepts for energy applications, production of new materials, plant control, and hybrid systems.

In addition, we are developing sensors and actuators based on organic bioelectronics for feedback-regulated control of plant physiology, signaling, communication and plant optimization for basic science and application in agriculture and the forest industry.

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Principal Investigator
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E-plant research images
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electronic-plants-LiU-3 Thor Balkhed
electronic-plants-LiU-2 Thor Balkhed
electronic-plants-LiU-5 Thor Balkhed
electronic-plants-LiU-4 Thor Balkhed
electronic-plants-LiU-5 Thor Balkhed
electronic-plants-LiU-7 Thor Balkhed
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