Explaining Social Processes

Explaining social processes
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Developing mechanism-based models of phenomena and the meta-theoretical foundations of analytical sociology.

An important part of IAS mission is to further develop the theoretical and methodological foundations of analytical sociology. We organize seminars and workshops discussing the core principles of the mechanism-based explanatory approach that underpins analytical sociology, and we support and train the next generation of analytical sociologists.

In addition to these institutional and organizational endeavors, we publish articles, books and special issues on methodological and meta-theoretical topics of relevance for analytical sociology. Topics include the use of empirically calibrated simulation models to explain complex social processes, and how the explanatory approach of analytical sociology differs from other related approaches such as those of complexity science and field theory. 

Generously funded by Swedish Research Council (VR), Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) and European Research Council (ERC)

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