Green logistics

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Green logistics is about assessing and minimising the environmental impact from logistics systems. For our research this entails to consider environmental aspects in the analysis, development and management of logistics systems and supply chains. For a logistics system to become sustainable in a long-term, the environmental aspects are always considered together with business aspects, such as costs, delivery service and overall profitability.

We research green logistics in various business contexts. Manufacturing and trading companies take decisions that include and affect logistics, which frame the options for greening logistics. For many trading companies the logistics performance is of strategic importance, hence the environmental perspective is essential. Logistics and transport service providers offer green services based on customers’ demands, but can also drive the development. Their providers of technology, in turn, drive the technical aspects of the service providers’ business. Among all these types of companies we can conclude that improved collaboration and coordination improves the greening of logistics.

City logistics – coordinated urban distribution

Green logistics is relevant for global supply chains as well as for local distribution systems. An area that over recent years has been a major research interest is city logistics – coordinated urban distribution. Environmental considerations are often a central aspect in ongoing projects, in particular in a Swedish context. In these projects the municipal organisation becomes an important player in the logistics system.

Green logistics is a wide research field, and we perform and have performed research on, for instance:

  • Business models for sustainable logistics systems and city logistics,
  • Environmentally and socially responsible logistics
  • Sustainable supply chains,
  • Development of greener logistics services.

We seek highly motivated doctoral students who are passionate about greening logistics!

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