IN LIFE - Independent living support functions for the elderly

IN LIFE Sweden is part of an EU project called IN-LIFE (Innovation Actions, Horizon 2020). Collaborating parties in Sweden are Linköping University and DART, Sahlgrenska University Hospital. 

The focus in Sweden is on communication support tools for elderly people with cognitive and/or communicative impairments and memory problems. The aim is also to develop tools to support socialization and communication.

Within the project, a portal has been created on the internet where many different services that can help people with cognitive impairment and their relatives have been collected. The portal also provides an opportunity for healthcare providers to seek appropriate services for the people they are responsible for.

The project is beneficial in order to increase knowledge of communicative needs for elderly people with cognitive impairments, knowledge about how to use new technologies to facilitate their communication situation and knowledge about how these insights are best implemented.

The scope and spreading of the project in several European countries means that a large amount of data will be collected, which increases the possibilities for generalization of project results.

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The project group in Linköping
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