Industrial Production

Luis stands in a room and points at a robot

At the industrial production research group we carry out research in advanced industrial digitalization. Digitalization cannot be decoupled from the physical world.

Digitalization techniques must serve the purpose of creatinge better products and better production systems. Our research captures this cyber-physical dimension of systems. We work with design, development, and implementation with a sound system engineering approach. Among these we work with:

Applied artificial intelligence, computer science and mechatronics in intelligent automation
Development of cyber-physical production systems and digital twins
Development of batch size one sustainable systems
Development of intelligent industrial equipment
Engineering of large and technical complex systems

Research affects societal benefits

Our research leads to more efficient and sustainable production systems. By using intelligent automation our research directly contributes to making a better usage of industrial resources, by improving their utilization, extending their useful life, enabling their usage in many different contexts through plug and produce solutions and improving and creating intelligently controlled information flow. Collectively, this leads to information intensive system that are generally more sustainable and envovable.

Results and benefits

Our resurch often results in new processes and technologies being introduced at companies. This is what we strive for and are usually very successful at. Our vision is to continuously develop advanced digitalization solutions for sustainable industrial systems that maximize the potential of the humans in the system and contribute to their development.

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Introduction to Industry 4.0 

Luis makes a speech introduction to Industry 4.0 

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We cooperate with many companies and institutions around the world, but predominantly from Europe. We are usually financed by National and European agencies for example Vinnova and the European Commission.

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