Instrument development for cultural competence

Folk i rörelse (i rulltrappa) / Escalator with people in movement

The research project is in its initial phase, with studies that will focus on adapting, validating and investigating the utility of a self-assessment instrument for measuring cultural competence among Swedish occupational therapists. 

The self-assessment instrument that will be used in the project was developed by Balcazar, Suarez-Balcazar, Taylor-Ritzler, Rodakowski, Willis & Portillo (2010) and is denominated as the Cultural Competence Assessment Instrument University of Illinois at Chicago (CCAI-UIC).

The instrument comprises the components

1) cultural awareness-knowledge,

2) cultural skills and

3) organisational support for multicultural practice.

Cultural competence among occupational therapists

The outcomes of interventions for patients/clients can improve during the rehabilitation process if occupational therapists use cultural competence in their professional practice.

By adapting, validating and investigating the utility of the CCAI-UIC instrument, the foundation will be laid for making occupational therapists aware of, and gain an understanding of, their cultural competence.

Different forms of training can be used in this context to develop knowledge about the significance of culture in health and medical care and in social services. This can lead to meetings with patients/clients from other cultures being conducted – in terms of assessments, interventions and evaluations – in a patient/client-centred way that is more culturally appropriate.

Data collection

Under the supervision of Reader Anette Kjellberg (main supervisor) and Reader Gunilla Liedberg (assistant supervisor), doctoral student and occupational therapist Jane Holstein will begin data collection in the autumn of 2015.

The project has not yet produced any results. 

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The American version of the instrument

Suarez-Balcazar Y, Rodakowski J, Balcazar F, Taylor-Ritzler T, Portillo N, Barwacz D, Willis C. (2009). Perceived levels of cultural competence among occupational therapists. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 63(4), 496-503.
Suarez-Balcazar Y, Balcazar F, Taylor-Ritzler T, Rodakowski J, Portillo N, Garcia- Ramirez M, Willis C. (2011). Development and validation of the Cultural Competence Assessment Instrument: A factor analysis. Journal of Rehabilitation, 77(1), 4-13.

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