Intersectional critical heritage studies

Intersektionella kritiska kulturarvsstudier

The aim is to deconstruct the stereotype institutionalized norms being embedded in the official historiographies narrated in and by the official heritage institutions – such as museums of history and historical sites and buildings. 

This research field combines approaches from Intersectional Gender Studies with Critical Heritage Studies. The authorized constructions of history within the sector of cultural heritage is examined and challenged. The point of departure is a quest for how we construct and use history today, analysed from a perspective of intersectional critical heritage studies, and a search for new understandings of the past.

The research tries to understand how these material-discursive phenomena are constructed, can be analysed and understood, on the bases of intersectional gender studies, combined with the concepts “poetics” and “politics” of heritage, and concept the “authorized heritage discourse, (AHD)”, as main analytical tools. The research field is furthermore exploring potential strategies of change within this field, by investigating the potential for and experimenting with alternative constructions of history, with special emphasize on Donna Haraway’s concept “elsewhere”. The concept will be a conceptual and experimental vehicle for new collective understandings of imaginaries past.