The Inland Water Greenhouse Gas Flux Forum (IWFLUX)

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IWFLUX is a bottom-up initiative by the global research community with the aims to facilitate knowledge transfer and jointly work towards improved understanding of all aspects related with inland water greenhouse gas fluxes and dynamics and support the generation of more comparable data thereby providing the basis for improved future upscaling.

Through this forum you can benefit from the experiences of others and share your knowledge. If you find the forum useful for your publications, please cite or acknowledge it as IWFLUX: The Inland Water Greenhouse Gas FLUX Forum. 

Please note that there is at present no financial support for IWFLUX apart from in-kind support for hosting the website given by Link√∂ping University. IWFLUX is solely based on voluntary engagement and the success of IWFLUX depends on contributions from active researchers and on use of the shared knowledge by all who are interested. Apart from the internet based forum, IWFLUX may organize events such as workshops, conference sessions, or courses based on initiatives among active IWFLUX community members. 

IWFLUX was launched in late February 2015 and the time needed to fill the forum with information depends on contributions from the community. If you miss information please consider making contributions on this topic. 

IWFLUX depend on voluntary engagement from the active community. Therefore the persons engaged in IWFLUX will change over time and volunteers to manage parts of the IWFLUX web resources are always welcome.

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At present questions and thoughts on IWFLUX can be addressed to

Matthias Koschorreck

Meta-database questions

  • Centre for Environmental Research UFZ

Christopher Caldow

Overview of the active IWFLUX community

  • University of Wollongong

Peter Casper

Active field sites of relevance for IWLUX

  • Leibniz-Institut of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries

John Lenters

Overview of coordinated activities

  • LimnoTech

Victor Stepanenko


  • Moscow State University