LiU Cancer Seminar Series 2022

LiU Cancer is an initiative from several groups at Linköping University having the common goal to understand and defeat cancer. LiU Cancer organizes weekly seminars where both LiU researchers and scientists from other universities are involved.

For the fall of 2022, there is a line of talks given by outstanding speakers! Everyone from LiU is more than welcome to participate.

There is now a preliminary program available with both internal and external speakers for LiU Cancer's seminar series for the fall of 2022. You will find more information and meeting links below.

Preliminary program

13 September
Speaker: Marianne Farnebo, KI
Title: ScaRNAs - new regulators of DNA repair enzymes and potential targets for cancer therapy”
Host: Francisca Lottersberger

20 September
Speaker: Surajit Pathak, LiU
Title: Potential role of microRNA122 in colon cancer
Host: Neda Haj Hosseini

11 October
Speaker: Fredrik Westerlund, Chalmers
Title: TBA
Host: Francisca Lottersberger

18 October
Speaker: Maria Sunnerhagen, LiU
Title: TBA
Host: Francisca Lottersberger

27-28 October
LiU Cancer Retreat
Klosterhotellet, Vadstena

8 November
Speaker: Jeroen van der Laak
Title: The amazing potential of deep learning for prostate cancer grading
Host: Neda Haj-Hosseini

15 November
Speaker: Henning Müller, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland
Title: Digital Pathology

22 November
Speaker: Effie Apostolou, Weill Cornell, NY
Title: TBA
Host: Francisca Lottersberger

29 November
Speaker: Daniel Aili
Title: Bioresponsive Materials for 3D Cancer Models, Biosensors, and Drug Delivery
Host: Francisca Lottersberger

6 December
Speaker: Paul Bourgine, Lund University
Title: Engineering patient mini-bones for the personalized modeling of bone-developing cancers
Host: Francisca Lottersberger

13 December
Speaker: Mikael Sigvardsson, LiU
Title: Transcription factor networks link B-cell development to leukemia
Host: Francisca Lottersberger


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