LiU Cancer Seminar Series 2022

LiU Cancer is an initiative from several groups at Linköping University having the common goal to understand and defeat cancer. LiU Cancer organizes weekly seminars where both LiU researchers and scientists from other universities are involved.

For the spring of 2022, there is a line of talks given by outstanding speakers! Everyone from LiU is more than welcome to participate.

There is now a preliminary program available with both internal and external speakers for LiU Cancer's seminar series for the spring of 2022. You will find more information and meeting links below.

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Abstract - Seminar on June 14th

Nucleases as Molecular Targets for Cancer Diagnosis

Alien Balian and Frank J. Hernandez

Early cancer diagnosis is a crucial element to improved treatment options and survival. Great research efforts have been made in the search for better performing cancer diagnostic biomarkers. However, the quest continues as novel biomarkers with high accuracy for an early diagnosis remain an unmet clinical need. Nucleases, which are enzymes capable of cleaving nucleic acids, have been long considered as potential cancer biomarkers. The diversity of nucleases in structure, function and subcellular localization, their implication in pivotal biological events together with their unique feature of catalytic activity led the enthusiasm towards investigating the role of nucleases as promising cancer biomarkers.
However, the most essential feature of these proteins, which is their enzymatic activity, has not been fully exploited. Herein, we discuss nucleases interrogated as cancer biomarkers, providing a glimpse of their physiological roles. Moreover, we highlight harnessing the enzymatic activity of cancer-associated nucleases as a novel diagnostic biomarker using nucleic acid probes as substrates.

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 Feb 1st:  Andreas Moor, ETH Zürich (Host: Claudio Cantù)
Feb 8th: Internal seminar with Gianluca Zambanini
Feb 15th: Veronica Höiom, KI. (Host: Stig Linder)
Feb 22nd: Stig Linder, LiU
Mar 1st: Rolf Saager, LiU
Mar 8th: Linda Bojmar, LiU
Mar 15th: Digital pathology (Host: Neda Haj Hosseini)
Mar 22nd: Internal seminar
Mar 30th: Bernd Bodenmiller, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich
Apr 5th: Internal seminar

 Apr 12th:  Laura Baranello, KI
 Apr 19th:  Easter
 Apr 26th:  Renée van Amerongen, University of Amsterdam
 May 3rd:  Anders Eklund, IMT, LiU
 May 10th:  Teresa Davoli, NYU (Host: Francisca Lottersberger)
 May 17th:  Silvia Remeseiro, Umeå University (Host: Claudio Cantù)
 May 24th:  Dr. Constantinos Demetriades, MPIAGE, Cologne
 May 31st:  Micael Karlberg and Sofia Jarkman (Digital Pathology)
 June 7th:  Panagiotis Baliakas (Uppsala University)
 June 14th:  Alien Balian, LiU

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