mHealth - Multiple Lifestyle Behaviors (MoBILE)


Inadequate physical activity, unhealthy diets, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of noncommunicable disease and premature death. The responsibility of the healthcare sector to provide support for patients in need of changing unhealthy lifestyle behaviors has been difficult to fulfill with resource intensive methods such as individual and group counseling.

Lifestyle interventions delivered through mobile phones (included in the umbrella term mHealth) is a rapidly emerging research area. The research program MoBILE aims to develop, evaluate and implement seven mHealth lifestyle interventions that can be delivered via the healthcare sector to different target groups, including pregnant women, children, young adults, and patients with elective surgery.

The MoBILE research program is a collaboration between the IMPACT and LiiR research groups at Linköping University. MoBILE is supported by Forte (2018-2020) through a special call in healthcare science.




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