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Music at Linköping University is an independent centre within the Department of Culture and Communication at Linköping University, and is headed by Director musices Christina Hörnell.

Music at Linköping University includes the Linköping University Male Voice Choir, Linköping University Women’s Choir, Linköping University Symphony Orchestra and Linköping University Chamber Choir. In addition to producing 15 to 20 concerts annually, the centre offers courses in choral singing and orchestral performance at various levels.


The Linköping University Women’s Choir – LINNEA

Linköping University Women’s Choir – Linnea, is a female choir at the Linköping University. It was formed in 1997 on the initiative of the male choir Linköpings Studentsångare (called LiHkören at that time) and their conductor Hans Lundgren. Linnea was intended to give female choral singers the same opportunities to sing together at the university as men, and to open the possibility for a large mixed choir with both choirs on occasions.

Linnea has currently around 40 singers, and the repertoire contains mainly classical choral pieces for female choir, spanning from 4 to 8 voices. The choir also works with many other genres and styles and remains curious about what is going on in the world of female choirs and the repertoire they enjoy. It hosts a variety of concerts throughout the year, two highlights of which are the traditional Lucia celebration on 13 December and the charity concert on 8 March, International Women’s Day. During the latter concert, the choir collects money to support work helping and supporting abused women in Linköping.

One does not need to be a student to sing in Linnea. It is open to any experienced upper voice choral singer who wants to develop their musical skills and have fun while doing so. The choir practises once a week on Mondays 18.30-21.00. Musical director and conductor is Merete Ellegaard.

The Linköping University Male Voice Choir – Linköpings Studentsångare

The Linköping University Male Voice Choir – Linköpings Studentsångare was founded in 1972. The choir has since then developed both musically and organizationally, and it is today regarded as one of the best male voice choirs in Sweden. The singers are recruited both from within the university and outside, to ensure the highest possible musical quality. The choir consists of approximately 60 singers, properly dressed in tails.

The repertoire contains mainly classical choral pieces for male choir, a cappella and with orchestra. Our traditions include celebrating Valborg on Walpurgis’s night in a traditional Swedish way with songs that celebrate the spring. Student caps are compulsory! Our annual Christmas concerts, in St. Lars Church, are also an appreciated contribution to Linkoping’s cultural life.

The choir has taken many tours abroad, most recently to Reykjavik in 2016. The goal is always to represent Sweden and our university as ambassadors, and to introduce the very best choral culture that Sweden has. This is a choir for the skilled male chorister. For more information, visit our website or meet us at

The choir practises once a week on Tuesdays 19.00-21.30. Musical director and conductor is Christina Hörnell.

The Linköping University Chamber Choir

The Linköping University Chamber Choir, founded in 1989, is a part of Music at Linköping University. The choir consists of 40 highly experienced song artists, all of whom live in Östergötland. Approximately half have taken advanced studies in music and are professional musicians. The repertoire is taken from classical western music and includes not only renaissance and baroque music but also romance and contemporary music. The choir has given the first public performance of the works of many Swedish composers and is in continuous collaboration with orchestras in the region. The Linköping University Chamber Choir – Östgöta Kammarkör is for highly skilled and experienced singers and provides opportunities to develop both as musician and singer. Information about upcoming concerts is available at

The choir practises on alternate Thursdays, 19.00-22.00. Musical director and conductor is Christina Hörnell.

Linköping University Symphony Orchestra - Linköpings Akademiska Orkester

Linköping University Symphony Orchestra (LAO) was established in 1993, as a course in orchestra studies at Linköping University. Throughout these past 25 years, LAO has developed and become a crucial part of the university’s cultural scene, with performances at several social functions, including graduations, collaborations, university commencement ceremonies, and naturally, its own productions. The orchestra consists mainly of students and teachers from the university, but it is open to musicians who are not associated with the university. It is possible to take a university course for 7.5 credits while playing for LAO.

Throughout the 25 years of LAO’s existence, several renowned and commemorated conductors have led its musicians, two of whom are Per Borin and Jonas Dominique. The current wielder of the prestigious baton is Merete Ellegaard, whose expertise in the Danish and Russian classical music repertoires has successfully propelled LAO from being a small sinfonietta to a full and functional symphony orchestra. Merete is also the musical leader of the Linköping University Women’s Choir – Linnea, which periodically collaborates with LAO.

LAO is the perfect place for students with the same interests to meet and socialise in a friendly and stimulating environment. Furthermore, it is the perfect place and atmosphere for international students to participate in extracurricular activities and to become familiar with Swedish culture.
If you have any questions, please feel free to visit our website, Everyone is welcome to join LAO, students and others, Swedes or others. At LAO, we all speak the same language – music!

The orchestra practises on Wednesdays 18.30-21.30. Musical director and conductor is Merete Ellegaard.

All four ensembles above practise in the orchestra and choir hall at Musicum, situated in the C Building, Entrance 12 on Campus Valla. Musicum has two smaller rooms with a piano, available for those who wish to practise music on their own. See map.

The university is host to many other choirs and orchestras. Links to most of these are available at

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