Operations Research Methods for Scheduling and Resource Allocation Problems

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An inherent property of many decision problems of practical relevance is that they are computationally challenging. To solve them within a reasonable amount of time requires the development of specialised methods that exploit the mathematical structure of the problem.

Woman in front of a whiteboard with notes.Operations research methods can be used to find solutions to decision problems of a quantitative nature. Many problems within scheduling and resource allocation, as for example planning of transports, timetabling and staff scheduling, can be formulated as discrete optimization problems and solved by methods designed for such problems.

The scope of this research project is to develop mathematical models and solutions algorithms for discrete optimization problems arising from scheduling and resource allocation applications.


The project is funded by Center for Industrial Information Technology (CENIIT), and carried out at the Division of Applied Mathematics (TIMA), Department of Mathematics, Linköping University. Project leader is Elina Rönnberg, PhD and Senior lecturer. The project involves the following sub-projects.

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