Organic Energy Materials 

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We exploit and investigate the physics and chemistry of new organic and composite materials to improve electronic and electrochemical devices. 

Principal investigator: Xavier Crispin

Optical, thermal, dielectric properties and charge transport properties of the materials are characterized. Organic devices include diodes, transistors, thermoelectric generators, physical and chemical sensors, fuel cells, supercapacitors and batteries.

Heat-to-electricity conversion

Superkondensator bredvid euro-myntPhoto: Thor Balkhed
We investigate the thermoelectric properties of electronic organic conductors, as well as ionic conductors and mixed conductors.

From those properties, we fabricate devices such as thermoelectric generators, thermogalvanic cells, thermoelectric supercapacitors, temperature and heat flow sensors.
Värme blir elIllustration: Julia Modén-Treichl

Chemical-to-electricity conversion

Experiment kemi till elFoto: Thor Balkhed We investigate the reaction in fuel cells, flow batteries and air-reactant batteries using conducting polymer electrodes.

One of the focus is to look at the oxygen reduction reaction with conducting polymers.

We also optimize and create new organic and hybrid materials of high electronic and ionic conductivities in order to create efficient electrodes for supercapacitors, batteries and fuel cells.

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Principal investigator
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Video: Electricity from invisible sunbeams
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Video about LOE´s Organic Energy Materials research, produced by Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation.

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Staff, Chemical to electricity
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