The Norrköping Decision Arena - visualization technique that facilitates decision-making

Bilden visar Beslutsarenan. Picture shows the arena
Photo: Thor Balkhed

The Norrköping Decision Arena is a visualization facility at campus Norrköping. It consists of a visualization platform where different types of information can be illustrated and compared transparently on a cylindrical screen. The arena enables all participants to simultaneously show their data or information on the screen, promoting dialogue about different interpretations and ways of action.

How can the arena be of interest for you?

The decision arena is the place to rent for anyone who wants to present, visualize and discuss different types of information simultaneously in a transparent way. The circular shape of the room, the screen, and the table create good conditions for dialogue and non-hierarchical conversations. Anyone can rent Norrköping's decision arena! You can find information on how to proceed at the bottom this page.

If you are active at Linköping University, the facility can, for example, be useful in focus groups, planning research projects, analyzing a substantial material, or developing and evaluating visualization tools. Even teaching, such as seminars, workshops, student presentations, computer labs or analysis sessions, are is suitable to hold in the decision arena.
Are you working in the public or private sector and want to invite various actors to a decision-making meeting, plan for coming years, work with strategies, go through cases scenarios or work on a budget? Then the decision arena is an appropriate room that offers interactivity but also the possibility of comparing different materials.

Welcome in to the Decision Arena
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The film shows how information can be presented and processed in the Decision arena

Book the arena
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Book the arena 

Visiting address

Kopparhammaren 2, Norra Grytsgatan 10A, Campus Norrköping

Postal address

Linköping University, TEMA, Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, 581 83 Linköping, Sweden

Our prices

What does it cost?

2 hours
3000 SEK
Half day (3 hours)
4000 SEK
Full day (9-16)
6000 SEK

Included in the price

Use of the arena.

We help you start up and shut down.

Presentation of the arena 700: -
All prices are excluding VAT.

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The Decision Arena
The Decision Arena is easily controlled by the use of a tablet.  Emelie Fälton
The Norrköping Decision Arena
The Decision Arena offers ten inputs that can be projected on the screen.  Emelie Fälton
The Norrkoping Desicion Arena
The Decision Arena’s nine projectors.  Emelie Fälton
The Norrköping Decision Arena
The Decision Arena enables nonhierarchical discussion among its participants.  Emelie Fälton
The Norrköping Decision Arena
The Decision Arena is suitable for analyses of major materials.  Emelie Fälton

Today’s usage of the arena
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The decision arena is a result of research within interactive visualization and participatory research and is currently used in research projects on for example climate change, vulnerability, environmental communication, and critical visual analysis. The use of the arena is characterized by research activities. 

For example, it has been used in, e.g. crisis management, urban planning, and investigations.

- Meetings, where all participants look at a person's presentation, are not effective in, for example, urban planning or crisis management. Different scenarios and measures need to be easily comparable. The arena is the answer to a need for greater interactivity, says researcher Tina-Simone Neset, one of the founders of the arena.

Former guests say

"I was in the decision arena and participated in a project meeting in connection with the development of a climate adaptation concept as 'serious gaming.' The project meeting showed what the project had achieved so far but also plans for further development. It was impressive to see how quickly it was possible to change the presenter. The surrounding screen gave a very nice feeling of presence and an incredible overview."
Magnus Rödin, SMHI

"We used the decision arena in the project Future Travel in Norrköping in connection with the development of a goal for the project group. The technical possibilities of the decision arena contributed to creating context and overview for us in a good way. I can warmly recommend the decision arena for working groups that have complex tasks to solve and need to see the whole. "
Anna Larsson, municipality of Norrköping

"We used the decision arena in a research project to discuss information about risks in a changed climate together with climate researchers and users/stakeholders. It was exciting to be in the decision arena, as it gave new dimensions to the discussions and let us view and explore the information in a more interactive way. It was a bit challenging to take advantage of the arena's technical possibilities and it took some time to get acquainted with the format. However, the decision arena came into its own when all the participants had their material to show and compare with each other. The round table promoted an open discussion environment, which was mentioned by several of the participants afterward. "

Karin André, Stockholm Environmental Institute


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