The Norrköping Decision Arena - visualization technique that facilitates decision-making

Bilden visar Beslutsarenan. Picture shows the arena
Photo:Thor Balkhed

The Norrköping Decision Arena draws on recent research and development in interactive visualization. Instead of linear presentations or written information, the use of this visualization platform enables the illustration, comparison and discussion of various types of data. All participants can simultaneously show several types of relevant information to facilitate dialogues on data interpretation as well as policies and measures.

- Meetings where participants are looking at one person's presentation are not effective in, for example, urban planning and crisis management. Then you need different scenarios and actions can be easily compared. The arena is the answer to a need for greater interactivity, says lecturer Tina Simone Neset, director of the arena.

The Norrköping Decisions arena is a result of research in interactive visualization and participatory research. A system of nine projectors and novel data software allows 10 participants at the same to connect their computers, smartphones or tablets to display information on a cylindrical screen wall, which is six meter in diameter. Data, graphics and simulations can easily be moved back and forth on the screen wall.
But it is not only in the event of disasters and urban planning that the arena will be useful. It can also be used to support decision-making in other areas such as budget work and health issues, facilitate virtual conferences, and be used in research presentations and teaching at Linköping University.

The Norrköping Decisions Arena is developed by researchers at the Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, Environmental Change and C-Research at Linköping University in cooperation with SMHI. It was funded by the Norrköping fund for research and development, Linköping University and by a donation from LFV.

Welcome in to the Decision Arena

The film shows how information can be presented and processed in the Decision arena


Audio System

An audio system has been installed in the Decision Arena in order to broaden its potential methods of applications.

Soundproofed Doors

During the spring, soundproofed doors will be installed in the Decision Arena. The new doors will improve the Decision Arena’s acoustics.

360° Camera

Within short, we will offer the possibility to use a 360° camera in the Decision Arena. It can, for example, be used during video conferences or to record a meeting.


The Decision Arena
The Decision Arena is easily controlled by the use of a tablet.  Emelie Fälton
The Norrköping Decision Arena
The Decision Arena offers ten inputs that can be projected on the screen.  Emelie Fälton
The Norrkoping Desicion Arena
The Decision Arena’s nine projectors.  Emelie Fälton
The Norrköping Decision Arena
The Decision Arena enables nonhierarchical discussion among its participants.  Emelie Fälton
The Norrköping Decision Arena
The Decision Arena is suitable for analyses of major materials.  Emelie Fälton

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Book the arena 

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