WASP Computer Vision Laboratory

Computer vision
Computer vision Göran Billeson

The research covers a broad range of topics within artificial visual systems with a particular focus on machine learning for robot vision. The group has made major contributions in establishing the concept of computer vision in Sweden.

The development of our methods for artificial vision is motivated by models of the human visual system, since artificial vision is to coexist with people and predict human actions trigged by visual perception. The research results are enabling autonomous vehicles or robot systems that interact with humans.

The Computer Vision Laboratory was founded by Professor Gösta Granlund in the 1970s, and was a pioneer in the use of machine learning for computer vision. Professor Michael Felsberg took over the leadership of the group 2008.

The Computer Vision Laboratory is lifted in the Vinnova report (“Artificial intelligence in Swedish business and society – Analysis of development and potential") as one of the major and most successful research environments in AI in Sweden.


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