WCMM Project Talks

Welcome to the seminar series WCMM Project Talks. In the autumn of 2022 you have the opportunity to listen to exciting research presented by talented scientists and members from research groups involved in WCMM LiU.

Below you will find the chosen dates and speakers for this semester.

All seminars will take place at Dolomit, Campus US and online through Zoom.

Zoom link: https://liu-se.zoom.us/my/palace

Upcoming seminars

OCTOBER, Monday 10th kl. 12 - 13

Pierfrancesco Pagella, Cantu lab
Baris Ata Borsa, Hernanez lab
Moderator: Motasam Majedy, Saager lab

OCTOBER, Monday 31st kl. 12 - 13

Susanne Bauer, Jackson lab
Lavanya Moparthi, Koch lab
Moderator: Marion Pichon, von Castelmur lab

NOVEMBER, Monday 28th kl. 12 - 13

Luigi Belcastro, Saager lab
Giulia Pizzolato, Koch lab
Moderator: Lavanya Moparthi, Koch lab

DECEMBER, Monday 12th kl. 12 - 13

Beatrice Toia, Lottersberger lab
Gemma Gimenez, Cantu lab
Moderator: Alien Balian, Hernandez lab