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Ingemar Nordin, Professor, PhD, Tema H, Linköpings universitet, SE-581 85 Linköping. Phone: +46 13 28 22 20. Fax: +46 13 28 29 95. E-mail: ingemar.nordin at liu.se.

Fields of research: Philosophy of science and technology. Political philosophy. Philosophy of medicine.

Data: Born 1949. Graduate studies in mathematics, physics and philosophy. PhD in philosophy 1980, University of Lund. Docent in philosophy of science 1986, University of Umeå. Since 1988 at tema H at Linköping university. Professor since 2001.

Background: My doctoral thesis, Determinism and Quantum Mechanics (below), deals with the problem whether ontological determinism is compatible with the theory of quantum mechanics. Three main areas are discussed; the copenhagian interpretation of QM, the concept of probability, and Bell's proof against local hidden variables. After my PhD, I turned to something which I had become interested in during my visit to McGill university in Montreal 1978, namely the philosophy of technology. I became a researcher at Tema Technology and social change, Linköping, in 1981. After a while I started a research project which analyses the goals and methods of technological and scientific research. The interplay between internal and external forces in the process of technological growth is examined in Teknologins rationalitet. In 1984 I moved to the department of philosophy of science in Umeå, where I obtained a more permanent position. My line of research had soon led me into the area of moral and political philosophy. So, after having completed my research concerning the conceptual and epistemological questions of technology, I turned to the ethical questions. In particular I have worked with a property rights approach to technology and society. See Privat egendom and Etik, teknik och samhälle. I came back to Linköping in 1988, this time to Tema Health and Society. Here I have been mainly involved with the expansion of philosophy education at the university and with the start of strategic research in the health sciences. Researchwise I am currently interested in the problems of knowledge within science, technology and  medicine.


Some published works

Determinism and Quantum Mechanics, (avhandl) Lund 1980

Teknologins rationalitet, Stockholm 1988

Privat egendom, Stockholm 1988

Etik, teknik och samälle, Stockholm 1992

Djur är inte människor (Animals don't have Rights), Stockholm 1997 (2001)


On the Rationality of Medicine, The Goals and Limits of Medicine, Stockholm 1996.

The Limits of Medical Practice, Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics,Vol 20, No 2, 1999

The Role of Science in Medicine, Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics,Vol 20, No 3, 1999

Expert and non-expert knowledge in medical practice, Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 3(3): 295-302; Jan 2000

Quackery, i Dimensions of Health and Health Promotion (red. L.Nordenfelt & P-E Liss), Rodpi, Amsterdam 2003

The Pragmatic Problem of Induction, in Jarvie, Milford, & Miller eds., Karl Popper: A Centenary Assessment. Volume II: Metaphysics and Epistemology, Aldershot etc.: Ashgate, 2006

Technology and Goodman’s Paradox, Philosophy of Science, vol. 76, no. 3, s. 345-354. 2009


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