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International Course in Drama Communication A, ICDC A, Foto två teatermasker

is open for both exchange students and for students living in Sweden

(swedish and from other countries).


The course is a 15hp/credits course. You can take the ICDC A course as half time studies during the autumn or spring semester.


The course is both theoretical and practical and very interactive, with many exercises. We study communication in a broad sense, using drama as a tool to exemplify and understand more of human communication, such as nonverbal language/behavior, intercultural communication etc. We will through drama examine the functions and dynamics of individuals and groups, status, values and attitudes. Drama in itself is communication and a tool for understanding communication better, and it is also a subject. We will also examine drama from that point of view and will work with improvisations and putting up small dramatisations/plays.


The course suits everyone interested in communication and/or in drama, both if you have studied any of the fields and if you haven´t. The course suits you who are interested in intercultural communication as we deal with this all through the courses.




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