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Welcome to the Homepage for

English Grammar Exercises

at Linköping University


Below you will find various grammar areas where you can practise and improve your English language proficiency. As opposed to many other grammar programmes, all the exercises below include instant feedback on your answers, which means they are 100 % self-tutoring.

At the beginning of most of the exercises, there is a reference to grammar paragraphs which you are asked to read before you start. These paragraphs are found in Gleerups Engelska Grammatik and Writing: A College Handbook, which are both part of the compulsory course literature for English 1 "Fristående kurs" and first-term English for student teachers.

The exercises that are listed under "Basic" are first and foremost tailored to suit those who are studying their first term of English and need to brush up on various basic grammar skills. However, they are also suitable companions for anyone who is in their first term of English studies.

Good luck with your grammar practice!

Grammar Exercises

Level: "Basic"

Adjectives and Adverbs
False Friends and Confusables
Irregular Verbs
Subject-Verb Agreement
Subject-Verb Agreement in Negations and Questions
The Conditional
The Definite Article
The Ing-form
The Progressive Form
The Genitive Apostrophe

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