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Welcome to the National Centre for Outdoor Education!

National Center for Environmental and Outdoor Education, at Linköping University has been active since its foundation in 1993.

NCU desires to increase the awareness and understanding of outdoor environments as an important part of and a foundation for learning. It is an ideal complement to the textbook and the classroom environment.

NCU collects and evaluates empirical material within the area of knowledge. The forum also studies learning effects related to activities in the outdoor environment.

NCU is a resource and pool of competence for postgraduate and doctoral studies in outdoor education, fundamental teacher training programmes, in-service training for persons active within leisure, recreation and tourism, in-service training within schools and child-care.

NCU is active in national and international outdoor-education networks.

NCU is working to increase Scandinavian and international exchange of teachers and students.

NCU's definition of Outdoor Education

The research group at the Centre for Outdoor Environmental Education, Linköping University, has proposed the following definition in an attempt to describe the field of outdoor education:

Outdoor education is an approach that aims to provide learning in interplay between experience and reflection based on concrete experience in authentic situations.

Outdoor learning is also an interdisciplinary research and education field, which involves, among other things:

  • the learning space being moved out into life in society, the natural and cultural environment,
  • the interplay between sensory experience and book‐learning being emphasised,
  • the importance of place being underlined.

(Translated from the Swedish original text by FD Norman Davis at the Center for Outdoor Environmental Education, Linköping University 2004)

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