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OFTI 2015

Welcome to OFTI 33!

The Annual Swedish Conference on Talk & Interaction

Linköping University, 17-18 September 2015

This year's theme: Interaction, embodiment and cognition

All OFTI delegates are also welcome to join us on 16/9 for Mathias Broth's inaugural lecture as professor at 5.15-7 pm on the Valla Campus (in KY21 on the ground floor of the Key Building).

OFTI was founded in 1983 as an informal interdisciplinary discussion forum for those active in various kinds of research related to spoken language and conversation. Previously annual meetings have mainly attracted Swedish researchers and doctoral students, but in more recent years they have they have attracted researchers from other Nordic countries and beyond. The conference welcomes delegates with backgrounds in linguistics, sociology, psychology, speech pathology, disability studies, cognitive science, education, anthropology etc. etc.

Plenary speakers at OFTI 33: 

Professor Christian Meyer, University of Duisburg-Essen

Title: Intercorporeality and Interkinesthesia in Social Interaction

Senior Lecturer Charlotta Plejert, Center for Dementia Research, Linköping University

Title: Multilingual Interaction and Dementia

Theme for OFTI 33:

This year's theme is "Interaction, embodiment and cognition", but as usual we welcome all presentations within the field of talk and interaction.

The following are some examples of issues that could fall within this year's theme:

  • How is cognition manifested in social interaction (in different activities, participation frameworks, etc.)?
  • What are the relationships between verbal, embodied, sensual, contextual and cognitive resources for establishing mutual understanding in interaction?
  • How do available communicative resources, cognitive and communicative impairments of various kinds affect social interaction, e.g. in terms of turn constructions, the organisation of talk, identities, participation, the self and personhood?

The conference provides an opportunity to present talk-related research at different stages of the research process and discuss methods, results and theoretical issues with others doing research on talk and interaction. The aim is to advance research by facilitating the exchange of information and social networking by means of oral presentations and data sessions (there is no volume of conference proceedings). Presenters have 25 minutes at their disposal including 5 minutes for discussion.

The main language of the conference is Swedish, but there are always several presentations in English. We will do our best to arrange the conference programme to accommodate participants who do not understand Swedish.

Deadline for title and abstract of 150 words: 9 September 2015.

There is no conference fee and on Thursday evening 17/9 all participants are welcome to join us for a conference dinner at Mjellerumsgården. You may sign up for the dinner in conjunction with registering for the conference.

Coffee and dinner is sponsored by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and lunch on Friday is sponsored by the Division of Speech Pathology. The Department of Child Studies and the Division of Language and Culture have funded the remaining costs.

The conference is jointly organised by:

  • The Graduate School in Language & Culture in Europe
  • The Department of Child Studies
  • Center for Dementia Research
  • Division of Speech Pathology

We look forward to seeing you all in Linköping!

The OFTI 33 Organisation Committee

Mats Andrén
Mathias Broth
Asta Cekaite

Agnese Grisle
Leelo Keevallik
Ali Reza Majlesi
Nigel Musk
Charlotta Plejert
Christina Samuelsson
Maziar Yazdanpanah

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