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RICOH standard printer

Printer replacement throughout the university in October

In the beginning of October, work will start to replace all printers in the university. The new printers will be installed in stages, and the process will be completed by the end of October.

Bild: GO-vepor på Universitetsklubben

The end of the tour

Campus Valla was the final stop for Grants Office on Tour, which visited three LiU campuses. Ru Lin Peng from the Department of Management and Engineering was one of the researchers who went along to Universitetsklubben to find out more about funding opportunities.

Bild: Frida Ekman i ALC-rummet i Vallastaden

LiU to test an ALC in Vallastaden

LiU’s work to create the teaching methods and facilities of the future starts in Vallastaden. Teaching staff from LiU will have the opportunity to discover what it’s like to teach in what is known as an “Active Learning Classroom”, or ALC.

Bild: AF-pristagaren Anna Klawonn tar emot priset. Foto: AF

Meet a winner of the AF Prize

At this autumn’s first meeting of Akademiska föreningen, winner of the AF Prize in 2016 Anna Klawonn will give a lecture entitled “Depression and negative mood – how the immune system talks to the brain”. Anna Klawonn is working towards her PhD in the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

Bild: Vallastaden. Foto: Vallastaden

Vallastaden – General information

Interest for Vallastaden 2017 before it has even opened suggests that it will attract large numbers of visitors. LiU is right next door to the exhibition. How will the huge interest in Vallastaden 2017 affect us who work here?

Woman with nicely wrapped present. Photo: Istockphoto

What is a bribe?

Is it OK to accept a gift from a supplier? Is it OK to accept free tickets for a sports event? It’s not always easy to decide whether something can be considered a bribe. LiU has now published new guidelines.

Information material

Updated presentations and brochures

Information material about Linköping University with figures from the latest annual report is now available: a small printed brochure and basic PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. The material exists both in English and Swedish.

Parked cars. Foto: Istockphoto.

Parking fees on the University Hospital Campus

Parking fees will be introduced for the personnel car parks of Region Östergötland on 15 September 2017. The final details of the magnitude of the fees and how payment will be made have now been determined.

The gala concert

Linköping University’s Gala Concert

The gala concert marks the start of the celebrations around LiU’s Commencement Ceremony. A limited number of tickets are available for purchase, on a first come, first served basis.

LiUPhD i märkesbacken. Foto: LiUPhD

LiUPhD puts PhD students on the agenda

Since two committed PhD students started LiUPhD three years ago, questions relevant to PhD students have been brought into focus in a completely new way. What has happened during these three years?

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Does it pay to advertise?

Bild: Reklam på Corson

This is the sight that greeted folk on Corson a few weeks ago: a pizza company had blitzed the place with advertising signs in the ground and stuck to the lamp-posts. But is anyone allowed to advertise on campus, however they choose?






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