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LiU as a workplace

For several years, ambitious and systematic work has been in progress at LiU to make our common workplace as satisfactory as possible. It’s a matter of both the social and the physical work environment. It’s about how we recruit staff and how we treat then once they’re here.

The working environment

The ‘guiding star’ for the approach to the working environment is a secure, developing, and sustainable working environment for employees and students. The forms of the approach to the working environment are regulated in a collaboration agreement between LiU and the unions, and questions are handled in a central collaboration group (CSG) and the local collaboration groups in every institute and department.
The goal of the collaboration agreement is:

  • to adapt the system of influence to the decision levels at the university, according to the delegation ranking in effect
  • to increase participation in planning, management, and follow-up
  • to develop a working climate characterized by openness, participation, and efficiency
  • through increased participation, to utilize the skill and knowledge of all employees, which will contribute to the development of operations at Linköping University

Staff Reviews

In order for us to know we’re on the right path, work is followed up through staff reviews among LiU employees every other year. These reviews, called Staff Satisfaction Reviews (NMI), are conducted by an external research company, and the results are used as the basis for further improvement measures.

LiU is also a workplace for graduate and undergraduate students. One way of getting their views and desires is through the Graduate Student Satisfaction Review and the Student Satisfaction Questionnaire.

Health maintenance

As LiU considers it important that staff keep themselves in good physical shape, every employee is given 2,000 SEK (around 215 EUR) per year to use towards the purchase of tax-free health maintenance in accordance with the definitions of the Swedish Tax Authority. This could be anything from ordinary gymnastics, aerobics, and strength training to more demanding sports.

Occupational health care

Occupational health care is an outside expert resource that should support the staff, the working environment representatives, and bosses in work-related working environment and rehabilitation issues. Beginning September 1, 2008, Feelgood became LiU’s health partner. Student Health Services are responsible for student health care.

Equal conditions

Under the umbrella concept of ‘equal conditions’, LiU is working for increased equality, for ethnic and religious diversity, accessibility and participation for people with functional disabilities, as well as for equal sexual rights. This means that people should feel motivated and welcome to apply to the university for study or work regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnic origins, religion or other belief system, functional disability, or social background.

Read more about how the work with ‘equal conditions’ is being carried out and how it’s organized at www.liu.se/likavillkor


At LiU, there are good opportunities for training through a broad offering of courses, both for teachers, graduate students, post-doctoral students, and research supervisors, and for technical and administrative staff. The mission of the personnel department is to support operations in efforts for training and personal development. If you as an employee or boss need someone to talk to or are missing something in your personal skill set, get in touch with them.

Environmental work

LiU has constructed an environmental management system as an integrated part of the organisation. LiU has also adopted an environmental policy that clarifies the university’s responsibility for long-term sustainable social development. The policy should permeate all operations, which should comply with all applicable health protection and environmental legislation by a comfortable margin. The operations should be continuously improved in order to reduce burdens on health and the environment.

What LiU has already done:

  • LiU has chosen ecolabelled electricity. We are also working to reduce electricity consumption.
  • LiU offices are heated with environmentally friendly district heating.
  • LiU restaurants offer ecological alternatives. KRAV-labelled coffee is found in most coffee machines.
  • Free campus buses go between the three LiU campuses.
  • All LiU wastes are separated at the source. Containers for this are found in most workplaces.
  • Printers and copiers should be set up for double-sided printing and copying.
  • LiU has a well-developed system for handling harmful and infectious substances in its laboratories.
  • LiU imposes an environmental requirement on all its purchasing.

Read more about LiU environmental work and what you can do yourself

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