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Events this year


Defence in Mathematics: Ahmed Al-Shujary

Public Disputations - Department of Mathematics
Ahmed Al-Shujary defends his doctoral thesis entitled "Kähler-Poisson algebras". Opponent is Sergei Silvestrov, Professor, Mälardalen University.
Location: Planck, Fysikhuset Building, entrance 57, ground floor, Campus Valla
For more info see, contact Ahmed Al-Shujary, e-mail


Defence of Doctoral Thesis at Automatic Control

Public Disputations - Linköpings universitet
Title: Time of Flight Estimation for Radio Network Positioning Respondent: Kamiar Radnosrati Opponent: Prof. Simon Godsill, University of Cambridge Committee: Prof. Håkan Hjalmarsson KTH, Prof. Mikael Sternad UU, Associate Prof. Martin Singull LiU Supervisor: Prof. Fredrik Gustafsson Co-supervisors: Associate Prof. Gustaf Hendeby, Associate Prof. Fredrik Gunnarsson, Dr.-Ing. Carsten Fritsche
Location: Ada Lovelace, B-building, Campus Valla
For more info see, contact Ninna Stensgård, e-mail, phone 013-284725.


Thin Film Physics -Quanzheng Tao

Public Disputations - The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Quanzheng Tao, defends his theses: Synthesis and Characterization of Two- and Three-Dimensional Nanolaminated Carbides. Supervisor: Prof. Johanna Rosén. Opponent: Prof Amit Keren, Teknion University, Physics Department
Location: Planck-Physics Building
For more info contact Johanna Rosén, e-mail, phone 013-28 57 93.


Thesis defence: Amelia Mutter

Public Disputations - Department of Technology and Social Change
PhD student Amelia Mutter defends her doctoral thesis
For more info see, contact Eva Danielsson, e-mail, phone 013-28 21 71.


Dissertation Biomolecular and Organic Electronics, IFM

Public Disputations - The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Qingzhen Bian defends his PhD thesis ”Excited states and charge carriers in organic materials and devices”. Opponent is Professor Guglielmo Lanzani, Politecnico di Milano, Italy.
Location: Nobel (BL32), B-huset, ing 23, Campus Valla
For more info contact Olle Inganäs, e-mail, phone 013-28 12 31.


PhD defence: Eloïse Germain

Public Disputations - Department of Management and Engineering
Eloïse Germain will defend her PhD thesis "Doctoral education in the entrepreneurial university: enhanced employability?". Opponent: Professor Peter van der Sijde, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
10:00 - 12:00
Location: A-huset, A2
For more info contact Eloïse Germain, e-mail .

Disputation Promporn Wangwacharakul - Quality Management

Public Disputations - Linköpings universitet
Promporn Wangwacharakul defends her PhD thesis entitled "Managing Quality in Cross-cultural Settings". Opponent is Prof. Anders Fundin from Mälardalen University. Welcome!
Location: ACAS, House A, Campus Valla
For more info see, contact Promporn Wangwacharakul, e-mail, phone 0700895102.


Theoretical Physics - Carina Marcus

Public Disputations - The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Carina Marcus defends her PhD thesis "Sensor and Signature Modeling for Aircraft Concept Development". Opponent is Kelly Griendling, Georgia Institute of Technology.
Location: room Nobel BL32, B-building, Campus Valla
For more info contact Peter Münger, e-mail, phone 013-281000.


Theoretical Physics - Johan Jönsson

Public Disputations - The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Johan Jönsson defends his PhD thesis "Electronic transitions and correlaction effects: From pure elements to complex materials". Opponent is Prof. Sergei Dudarev, Culham Science Center, UK.
Location: room Planck, The Physics Building, Campus Valla
For more info contact Igor Abrikosov, e-mail, phone 013-285650.

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