Om min forskning

För närvarande arbetar jag övervägande med filosofiska dimensioner av Post-covid-syndrom/Långtids-covid/PASC.

An example of some of the questions I am interested in:

  • How do we understand the impact that these conditions and their symptoms have on people’s emotional life? What are the causal processes at play, and how can we get better at capturing them empirically?
  • How do we navigate questions of nosology? What kind of illness are we working with here, and what scientific and socio-political reasons are there to endorse particular perspectives?
  • How do these diagnoses interact with other ‘medically unexplained’, ‘contested’ or ‘functional’ illnesses?
  • Is there a sexed or gendered dimension to these conditions? How do we navigate it?
  • What exactly does stigma look like here? How is it best remedied?

I am also involved in sub-project 2 of a larger interdisciplinary research project into Post-Covid, funded by the Swedish Research Council, where I am investigating the phenomenology of fatigue and cognitive impairment alongside researchers from the medical sciences and humanities.

Before I came to Linköping, I was at York, UK, where I obtained my PhD under the supervision of Professor Matthew Ratcliffe. My PhD was the first dedicated philosophical analysis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. As part of this research, I conducted a semi-structured phenomenological questionnaire study investigating first-person experiences of the illness(es). This data, alongside other things, can be found on my personal website.

I also continue to do some work on grief, specifically questions of grief’s object and pathological grief, and epistemic injustice in medical contexts.