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PhD eduction at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences


Doctoral students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are trained to conduct research, develop products and services, and solve problems in academia, as well as the private and public sectors. PhD eduction at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences are pursued for four years full-time and lead to a doctoral degree. We have almost 500 doctoral students, almost 60 of whom receive their degrees every year.

A doctoral student is affiliated with a research team and obtains early practical experience. A student can choose among some 20 third-cycle courses, as well as obtain a grant to take a third-cycle course at another institution of higher learning in Sweden or abroad or to participate in another research team or laboratory in Sweden or abroad.

We provide PhD eduction in close collaboration with the Linköping University Hospital/Östergötland County Council, as well as with Jönköping and other county councils in the southeast healthcare district.




Questions about third-cycle studies?

Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, IKE:

Annelie Lindström
Phone: 013-286871

Giannis Spyrou
Phone: 013-282980

Annelie Munther
Phone: 013-281144

Sonia Lander
Phone: 013-281195

Department of Medical and
Health Sciences, IMH:

Anneli Peolsson
Phone: 013-284601

Martin Henriksson
Phone: 013-285712

Kajsa Bendtsen
Phone: 013-282217

Department of Social
and Welfare Studies, ISV:

Annika Öhman
Phone: 011-363148


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