Conferences and workshops

  • Workshop on the concept of media ecology, to be held in Linköping October 17, 2019. See reading list.
  • Symposium on the media ecologies of the unexplained at Norrköping konstmuseum, September 14, 2017. See a visual summary.
  • Workshop on the concept of autopoiesis, Linköping February 16, 2017. See reading list.
  • Workshop on non-human languages, Umeå June 9-10, 2016. See reading list.
  • Symposium on the public library of Linköping on artist books, April 21, 2016, hosted by LMI and Linköping Stadbibliotek. See poster, a videosummary and read a summary of the symposium.
  • Conference held at Datamuseet in Linköping, Sweden, September 17 and 18, 2015. Read welcoming adress by Solveig Daugaard, and browse through the visual summary of the conference.

About Sensorium

Sensorium is an interdisciplinary Nordic network for young researchers and artists working in the area where aesthetics, technology and materiality collide. These pages contain information about the members of the Sensorium network, the annual journal devoted to the research of the Sensorium network and a research blog written by the founders of the network from the research unit LMI.