Oral and Written Communication in a Professional Context, 6 credits (TNKA09)

Muntlig och skriftlig kommunikation i professionella sammanhang, 6 hp

Main field of study

Graphical Design and Communication


First cycle

Course type

Programme course

Director of studies or equivalent

Maria Thunborg
Course offered for Semester Period Timetable module Language Campus VOF
6KGDK Graphic Design and Communication, Bachelor's Programme 1 (Autumn 2017) 2 3 Swedish Norrköping o

Main field of study

Graphical Design and Communication

Course level

First cycle

Advancement level


Course offered for

  • Graphic Design and Communication, Bachelor's Programme

Intended learning outcomes

When the course is completed the student should:

  • know how to apply basic theoretic knowledge regarding how different forms of communication interact with the context, i.e. factors such as situation, aim, sender, receiver, content and communication style
  • know how to apply different forms of communication based on cases and given scenarios, with special attention to ethics and rhetoric
  • have developed skills in writing aimed at copywriting and information
  • have achieved skills, oral and written, to describe and analyze texts written with a certain purpose and in a given context
  • know how to orally present and motivate a chosen communication form and style


Course content

The basics of written communication in different forms, with special attention to copywriting, information and communication which involve oral, interpersonal and textual communication; i.e. the students work with copy, pitch and press release. Different perspectives (for example ethical) are discussed based on cases and given situations. Seminars are held where the students analyze and give feedback on each other´s work as a result of an individual assignment. Oral presentation in the style of a pitch is also performed.

Teaching and working methods

Lectures, seminars, individual work and group work in pairs


UPG4Home assignmentU, G3 credits
UPG3Oral presentationU, G1 credits
UPG2Analysing assignmentU, G1 credits
UPG1Individual home assignmentU, G1 credits


Two-grade scale, U, G

Other information

Supplementary courses:


Institutionen för samhälls- och välfärdsstudier

Director of Studies or equivalent

Maria Thunborg

Education components

Preliminary scheduled hours: 48 h
Recommended self-study hours: 112 h
There is no course literature available for this course.
UPG4 Home assignment U, G 3 credits
UPG3 Oral presentation U, G 1 credits
UPG2 Analysing assignment U, G 1 credits
UPG1 Individual home assignment U, G 1 credits

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