Master Programme in Cognitive Science, 120 credits

Masterprogram i kognitionsvetenskap, 120 hp

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Degree of Master (120 credits) of Science with a major in Cognitive Science

Pace of study


Entry requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Cognitive Science equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen
    Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen
    30 ECTS credits in one of the following subject areas
    - Psychology
    - Linguistics
    - Philosophy
    - Neuroscience
    - Anthropology
    Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology of Neuroscience equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen
    30 ECTS credits passed in Computer Science
  • English and Swedish corresponding to the level of English and Swedish in Swedish upper secondary education (Engelska 6 and Svenska 3)

Degree in Swedish

Filosofie masterexamen med huvudområde Kognitionsvetenskap

Degree in English

Degree of Master (120 credits) of Science with a major in Cognitive Science

Semester 1 (Autumn 2021)

Course code Course name Credits Level Weeks ECV
729A10 Introduction to Cognitive Science 6 A1N v202134-202143 C/E
729A23 Cognitive Science Theory 6 A1N v202135-202143 C
729A88 Advanced Interaction Design 6 A1N v202135-202143 E
769A07 Cognition, Emotion, and Decision Making 6 A1N v202135-202143 E
729G83 Cognitive Technology and Artificial Intelligence 9 G2F v202135-202145 E
729G84 Humans in Complex Systems 9 G2F v202135-202145 E
729G85 Interaction Design and User Experience 9 G2F v202135-202145 E
729A63 Simulators and Simulator Usage 6 A1N v202135-202202 E
769A12 Intelligent Virtual Agents and Social Robots 6 A1N v202135-202202 E
769A14 Advanced Interaction Analysis 6 A1N v202135-202202 E
769A16 Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Autonomous Systems 6 A1N v202135-202202 E
729A68 Evolutionary Cognition 6 A1N v202144-202202 E
729A94 Cognitive Science - Methods 6 A1N v202144-202202 C
769A04 Interaction Design, studio course 6 A1N v202144-202202 E
769A06 Design Research Methods 6 A1N v202144-202202 E
769A09 Human Factors 6 A1N v202144-202202 E
729G28 Web Programming and Databases 6 G2X v202146-202202 E
729G87 Interaction Programming 6 G2F v202146-202202 E
729G88 Quasi-Experimentation and Statistical Analysis 6 G2F v202146-202202 E

Semester 2 (Spring 2022)

Course code Course name Credits Level Weeks ECV
729A99 Usability testing 6 A1X v202203-202212 E
729A85 Object Oriented Programming and Java 6 A1X v202203-202222 E
769A01 Cognitive Science Project I 12 A1X v202203-202222 C
769A03 Thinking with Representations 6 A1F v202203-202222 E
769A15 Service Design, studio course 12 A1F v202203-202222 E
729A25 Advanced Statistical Methods 6 A1X v202213-202222 E
729A98 Risk and Accident Analysis 6 A1X v202213-202222 E

Semester 3 (Autumn 2022)

Semester 4 (Spring 2023)

Course code Course name Credits Level Weeks ECV
729A80 Master Thesis 30 A2E C
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