Applied Intermediate Statistics for the Social Sciences, 7.5 hp


This course is designed to provide master and doctoral students with an overview of essential methods and estimation techniques for applied statistical analyses in the social sciences. The goals are developing the students’ understanding of what the methods are all about and how they work in practice. 
Focus is on the application and not the theoretical parts of quantitative modelling. While we do cover some of the basics, we will spend limited time on the underlying math. Students will learn the important fundamentals of applied statistical analyses, including how to assess a quantitative research design, execute and interpret standard models (e.g. OLS, logit/probit, count data models) as well as more advanced models (dealing with common method variance, endogeneity and panel modelling) using STATA. Students are expected to have a good basic knowledge of statistics.

The course is taught two half-days per week (tentatively on Tuesdays and Thursdays) over a 5-week period and includes lectures, lab sessions, presentations and discussions. Attendance is mandatory.



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