Aircraft Aerodynamics - Project Course, 6 credits (TMMV26)

Aircraft Aerodynamics - Project Course, 6 hp

Main field of study

Aeronautical Engineering Mechanical Engineering


Second cycle

Course type

Programme course


Roland Gårdhagen

Director of studies or equivalent

Roland Gårdhagen
Course offered for Semester Period Timetable module Language Campus VOF
6CMMM Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science in Engineering (Aeronautical Engineering) 9 (Autumn 2022) 2 - English Linköping o/v
6MAER Aeronautical Engineering, Master's Programme 3 (Autumn 2022) 2 - English Linköping o/v

Main field of study

Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Course level

Second cycle

Advancement level


Course offered for

  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master's Programme in Aeronautical Engineering

Entry requirements

This course concludes a master profile for the M and AER program and it is required that the student has already passed the preparatory profile courses. Prior to the start of the course, the examiner/director of studies will verify that participating students have sufficient knowledge, see information under Prerequisites.


Aerodynamics basic and advanced courses, Computational fluid dynamics basic and advanced, Engineering Systems Design, Aircraft conceptual design, Prototype Realization - project course.

Intended learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to developing skills for making an integrated aerodynamic analysis of an aircraft concept. After completing the course the students will

  • be able to transform a conceptual design into a model for an aerodynamic analysis, and for design refinement.
  • have knowledge about using CFD tools for aerodynamics.
  • be able to define design cases for aerodynamic analysis.
  • be able to analyze and present the results from the analysis in a scientific way
  • have skills to plan and conduct the work efficiently.


Course content

Theory and methodology from previous courses are used to conduct an aerodynamic analysis of a concept. Improvements are evaluated and proposed. Planning and time management in order to deliver results on time.

Teaching and working methods

The course is carried out as a project with regular meetings. In addition there can be lectures in project specific technology when needed. The result from the project is a design of product presented orally and in a written report.


PRA1Project workU, G6 credits


Two-grade scale, U, G

Course literature

Material from previous courses.

Other information

About teaching and examination language

The teaching language is presented in the Overview tab for each course. The examination language relates to the teaching language as follows: 

  • If teaching language is “Swedish”, the course as a whole could be given in Swedish, or partly in English. Examination language is Swedish, but parts of the examination can be in English.
  • If teaching language is “English”, the course as a whole is taught in English. Examination language is English.
  • If teaching language is “Swedish/English”, the course as a whole will be taught in English if students without prior knowledge of the Swedish language participate. Examination language is Swedish or English depending on teaching language.


The course is conducted in a manner where both men's and women's experience and knowledge are made visible and developed. 

The planning and implementation of a course should correspond to the course syllabus. The course evaluation should therefore be conducted with the course syllabus as a starting point.  

If special circumstances prevail, the vice-chancellor may in a special decision specify the preconditions for temporary deviations from this course syllabus, and delegate the right to take such decisions.


Institutionen för ekonomisk och industriell utveckling

Director of Studies or equivalent

Roland Gårdhagen


Roland Gårdhagen

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Education components

Preliminary scheduled hours: 48 h
Recommended self-study hours: 112 h
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PRA1 Project work U, G 6 credits

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