Project Course Advanced - Engineering Materials, 12 credits (TMPM09)

Projektkurs avancerad - Konstruktionsmaterial, 12 hp

Main field of study

Mechanical Engineering


Second cycle

Course type

Programme course


Mikael Segersäll

Director of studies or equivalent

Mikael Segersäll
Course offered for Semester Period Timetable module Language Campus VOF
6CMMM Mechanical Engineering, M Sc in Engineering (Engineering materials) 9 (Autumn 2018) 1, 2 -, - Swedish Linköping o
6MMEC Mechanical Engineering, Master's Programme (Engineering Materials) 3 (Autumn 2018) 1, 2 -, - Swedish/English Linköping o

Main field of study

Mechanical Engineering

Course level

Second cycle

Advancement level


Course offered for

  • Mechanical Engineering, M Sc in Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering, Master's Programme


The project course assumes a deeper knowledge within the area of engineering materials but also basic knowledge within areas such as solid mechanics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, manufacturing engineering and machine design. Depending on which project to perform, a deeper knowledge in any of the above mentioned areas may be required. 

Intended learning outcomes

The course aims to consolidate knowledge within the area of engineering materials through the application on a current problem with industry or research connection. After having completed the course the student should be able to:

  • Identify, choose and apply relevant theoretical areas for a situation specific problem.
  • Plan and realize an industrial and/or research related project within the area.
  • Systematically integrate the knowledge acquired during their studies to run an engineering materials project.
  • Utilize method and subject specific knowledge within the area of engineering materials.
  • Create, analyze and evaluate technical solutions.
  • Assimilate the contents of relevant literature and relate their work to it.    

Course content

  • The course is primarily composed of an industry or research related project.
  • Investigation methodology, for example to formulate an approach to a problem and to analyze and draw conclusions.
  • Deep studies within the areas of engineering materials which are relevant for the specific project.
  • Report writing, oral presentation and opposition.  

Teaching and working methods

The students are divided in smaller groups to perform their project. The project is run by the students in collaboration with the project owner and the students are expected to take a large responsibility to finalize the project. Since the course runs over the whole semester, a mid-term report should be handed in and presented orally half-way through the project. The project finishes with a written report and oral presentation. With the aim to practice a critical and constructive inspection of investigations and academic reports within the area of engineering materials each group shall review a report written by another group.

In addition, collective seminars/laboratory works may be carried out within the course. 


PRA1Project WorkU, 3, 4, 512 credits


Four-grade scale, LiU, U, 3, 4, 5


Institutionen för ekonomisk och industriell utveckling

Director of Studies or equivalent

Mikael Segersäll


Mikael Segersäll

Education components

Preliminary scheduled hours: 0 h
Recommended self-study hours: 320 h
There is no course literature available for this course.
PRA1 Project Work U, 3, 4, 5 12 credits

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