29 April 2015

Over 600 people from 75 different countries have been admitted
to the autumn term’s offering of international master’s programmes at LiU.

The Swedish Council for Higher Education has now issued a summary of the second round of admissions to the autumn term international courses and programmes.

At LiU 606 people from 75 countries have been admitted, of which 421 are first-choice applicants from 63 countries. For the most part, the number of applications was the same as for the 2014 autumn term.

But the figures don’t say much about what the autumn will be like. Many programmes are still open for applications, so more potential students may apply.

LiU has reduced its fees for students from outside Europe by 25%, which may produce increased interest. On the other hand, the Swedish Institute has given notice that their grants will be reduced.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has so far admitted 308 applicants; of the 13 programmes, 10 were already closed for applications at the beginning of March.

222 students have been accepted to the six international master’s programmes at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 45 to the two programmes in the Faculty of Educational Sciences, and 31 applicants have been admitted onto the only international master’s programme offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The number of international programmes offered in the country as a whole increased by 8%, and according to the Swedish Council for Higher Education’s statistics applications to international programmes increased by 5%.