Collaboration at Linköping University

Collaborate with us

One of the foundations on which Linköping University’s success is built is collaboration with the society around us. It connects our education to the labour market, strengthens the relevance of our research, and makes it possible for the knowledge gained to benefit society and nurture positive social development.

Collaboration for success

Collaboration is a crucial factor for our success and a means to make research and education even more competitive: it is a part of LiU’s soul.
Peter Värbrand, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for External Relations and Innovation

Collaboration that bears fruit

Collaboration with our surroundings bears fruit in different ways. Examples include:

  • Ongoing research and development in collaboration with the business world and the public sector
  • Examples of how our research and education contribute to social development
  • The development of business ideas and research results from students and researchers at the university
  • Networking and the spread of knowledge
  • Collaboration with schools and student projects

Strategy for development

The ultimate goal of our education and research is to promote the development of society. A highly developed strategy for collaboration is one of the conditions required for this to happen.
Jan Axelsson, Director of Collaboration, Linköping University

Strategic collaboration

Targeted collaboration

The strategic collaboration agenda of Linköping University is based on our ambition to deepen our role as long-term source of expertise and hub of knowledge in the development of society and the business world. It is related to all of our operations and our quality-assurance investment in education, research and collaboration. The work of development takes place in collaboration with, among others, the university’s strategic partners.


LiU’s strategic collaboration partners

To strengthen and develop collaboration with the society around us, LiU has entered into agreements with a number of strategic collaboration partners – companies and public bodies with whom the university has a special relationship and with whom we intend to deepen collaboration. Such partnership involves strategies and annual plans of action in order to secure future needs for expertise, and create benefit through collaboration in research and innovation.

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