All you need to know about studying at LiU

Essential information

Do you want to find out about our tuition fees or scholarships? Or learn more about living in Sweden and the region of Östergötland? You've come to the right place. On this page, you'll find all the important information about studying at Linköping University.


Degree students

How to apply for a bachelor's programme

If you're interested in bachelor's studies, find step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a bachelor's programme at University Admissions.

How to apply for a master's degree programme

A step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about applying for LiU's international master's degree programmes using the application system in Sweden.

Master level requirements

In order to be considered for admission for a master's degree programme at Linköping University you must meet certain general and specific entry requirements.

Supporting documents

Along with submitting an online application, you must submit a number of supporting documents that show that you meet the general and specific entry requirements.

FAQ application

Together with our students and our admissions unit we have put together an FAQ with our most frequently asked questions.


Do you want to know more about study opportunities, a programme, how to apply or what it is like to study at Linköping University? Join us for a free webinar.

Exchange students

How to apply as an exchange student

Learn more about the application process, application dates and faculty specific information.

FAQ exchange

Our FAQ section handles common questions among incoming exchange students.


Learn more about how exchange students are selected and the wide range of courses offered by Linköping University

LiU Summer Academy

Are you ready for a new adventure? Then you should take part in the LiU Summer Academy!

Single-subject courses

How to apply for single-subject courses

On this page you will find useful information on how to apply for single-subject courses as a free-mover student.

Single-subject courses

Linköping University offers single-subject courses at both bachelor's and master's levels in a variety of study fields.

Entry requirements for single-subject courses

The entry requirements for master’s level courses and bachelor’s level courses differ. There are both general requirements for university studies and specific requirements for each course.

Supporting documents for single-subject courses

When you submit your application to single-subject courses, it is important that you enclose all the necessary and supporting documents to show that you meet the general and specific entry requirements.

Tuition fees and scholarships


Linköping University offers a limited number of scholarships to outstanding international students. There are several options to receive a scholarship for your studies at LiU if you are a fee-paying student.

How to pay your tuition fees

Tuition fee payments are paid in advance instalments, one semester at a time. Pay online or via bank transfer. Check our chart for your first instalment amount in Swedish kronor (SEK).

Costs of studying at Linköping University

University studies in Sweden are free for Swedish and EU/EEA citizens. Citizens from countries outside the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland must pay application and tuition fees for higher education in Sweden.

Change of tuition fee status

The tuition fee status of a new student is determined during the application process based on the submitted documents. If you have been assessed and do not agree with this you can apply for your status to change.

Refunds of tuition fees

Linköping University will only refund tuition fees if you have applied for a refund before the day of the roll call. In order to be considered for a refund, you need to contact us and submit a “Request for Refund” form.

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Living in Sweden


It is important to start looking for accommodation as soon as you intend to study at LiU. Learn how to find housing in Sweden. Join the queues today to increase your options for future studies.

Living costs

You must be able to cover your personal living expenses while studying in Sweden. Check out our student budget, tips to keep your living costs down and information about working while studying.


Are you correctly insured? Make sure to organise the right insurance cover. Check what student insurance is offered by LiU and what you need to arrange yourself for health, home, and travel.

Residence permit and visas

Are you allowed to enter and reside in Sweden? Make sure you confirm your rights or obligations in time for processing requirements at the Swedish Migration Agency.

Living in Sweden A-Z

A useful guide to life in Sweden. Learn for example about what to wear, how to ride public transportation, how the health care system works and what this "fika" is that everyone keeps mentioning. 

Equal opportunities

LiU carry out extensive work to promote equal rights, opportunities and obligations to counteract all forms of discrimination, harassment, victimisation and exclusion. It is known by the term Equal Opportunities.

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Student accommodation in Linköping

Study information and services

Campus services

Campus services are a very important part of your university experience. Linköping University offers several campus services that will facilitate your everyday life.

Study information

Learn about the Swedish academic culture, grading systems, examinations, registrations and more. University studies in Sweden might differ from what you are used to.

Teaching and learning at LiU

What does the learning environment look like? And what about teaching style? Here you can find out about teaching and learning at Linköping University.

Free campus bus

As a student of LiU, you can travel between our Linköping and Norrköping campuses for free! The campus bus provides smooth transfers between our campuses.

Planning your travel to LiU

There are several ways to travel to Sweden and to your LiU campus. Here you will find information about airports, trains, local buses and the campus bus to help you plan your journey.

Swedish language courses

Why not take the opportunity to learn some Swedish while you are on exchange or studying a degree programme at Linköping University? It might be for social, cultural or career purposes or just out of curiosity.

Peer student programme

Our peer student programme gives you an opportunity to get to know your new city, make new friends and experience the rich student life at LiU

Study assistance at LiU

Do you have a disability or special needs and require assistance with your studies? Contact our coordinators today.

Family and schools

If you are bringing your family with you to Sweden, there are some key things you need to know and certain steps you need to take to help your family have a smooth arrival so you can focus on your studies.

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Ride with LiU's free campus bus between Linköping and Norrköping

Campuses and our region

Campus Valla

Campus Valla is the oldest and largest campus of Linköping University with students from many programmes and research in many fields. Campus Valla is located about three kilometres from Linköping city centre.

Campus US

The University Hospital Campus (US) is located within walking distance of Linköping town centre. Here you find education and research in medicine, healthcare and public health.

Campus Norrköping

Campus Norrköping is centrally located next to the town’s old industrial precinct, alongside the Motala River. Old buildings have been filled with new contents, and the waterway adds an atmosphere to the area.

Campus cities and our region

Linköping University's three main campuses are located in the cities of Linköping and Norrköping which are both located in the region of Östergötland. Find out what our campus cities and the region have to offer.

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Campus Valla during a sunny winter day