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Press Contacts

Social sciences, humanities and educational science
Therese Ekstrand Amaya - press officer
Tel: +46 13 282251 or +46 732 701814

Health sciences and natural sciences
Karin Söderlund Leifler - press officer
Tel: +46 13 281395

Technology and economy
Monica Westman - press officer
Tel: +46 13 286839

Press images
Magnus Johansson - photo editor
Tel:+46 13 286838 

University leadership
Mariethe Larsson - director of communications
Tel: +46 13 286966 or +46 703 667366

General information
Lennart Falklöf - editor-in-chief
Tel: +46 13 281693

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Are you in need of images from Linköping University? You can download images of the LiU leadership, personel, environment, activities, students, research and much more. All the images are free to use for noncommercial purposes. 

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Expertanswer is an independent tool for media. Expertanswer helps journalists to find the "right" researcher for an expert commentary, for background information, or to find a new angle on a subject.

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Alpha Galileo and EurekAlert are two press services specialized in news about research and science. By signing up to them, you won't miss any research news from LiU.

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