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With the power of 40,000 students and co-workers.

We all want to create a better world. At Linköping University, LiU, we use boundary-breaking research and innovative education to get there. To solve the challenges of the day, we are in continuous and close contact with industry and society. International rankings show that LiU is among the world’s top universities. Our students are sought after in the labour market, and we are one of the most attractive employers in Sweden. We believe that all this stems from our courage to think freely and innovate in contexts large and small.

LiU continues to give generations of curious individuals the opportunity to grow and contribute to a better world. We do this with the power of 37,600 students and 4,300 co-workers.

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Certain courses and programmes at Linköping University have been co-funded by the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility Programme (RRF).
For more detailed information about the national recovery and resilience plans for Sweden visit (Regeringskansliet, Sveriges återhämtningsplan).