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What makes Linköping University special is the lack of boundaries between different subjects and faculties, which has resulted in world-leading research environments and companies. In addition to scientific matters we address issues where the results can benefit all of society.

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What is interdisciplinarity?

In an increasingly complex world, research is needed that can see both breadth and depth in the major societal issues. Interdisciplinary education and research have always been an important part of what makes us LiU. This is where researchers, students and collaboration partners meet across borders to find new perspectives and solve complex societal problems. 


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The drivers of progress

Portrait picture of Björn-Ola Linnér sitting outside with some trees in the background.

Björn-Ola Linnér: I am a frustrated optimist

Climate researcher Björn-Ola Linnér never imagined an academic career. Here you can hear him talk about the road to  becoming a professor and, as a researcher, active in the environmental debate.

Per Jensen with a chicken in his hands.

Pioneer with animals’ best interests at heart

What do animals do? What do they think? Do they have feelings? These are questions that have fascinated people through the ages and represent a field of research of their own. In ethology, Linköping professor Per Jensen is one of the leading figures.

Portrait of a woman standing by a window looking into the camera.

The new Tage Danielsson professor is a researcher, poet and artist

She is a cultural theorist with an interest in philosophy, politics, media theory and art. In addition to this, she is also a writer and an artist. Keti Chukhrov is the new holder of Linköping University’s Tage Danielsson visiting professorship.

Peter Nilsson.

Peter Nilsson’s molecules shine a light on Alzheimer’s research

“Even though I’m a professor now, I still spend a lot of time in the lab, as I know that when I’m working hands on, that’s when I get the new ideas,” says Peter Nilsson. He develops tracer molecules that are used in research into Alzheimer’s disease.

Kajsa Igelström.

Kajsa Igelström wants to study autism using VR

Many people with autism or ADHD find that sensory input and motor skills are problematical in their everyday life. Researcher Kajsa Igelström wants to understand why.

Person in a lab reaching for an instrument.

Cancer researcher Linda Bojmar leads a unique study in humans

What’s it like to lead a research group, spend half your life on an airplane across the Atlantic, while making sure that family life runs smoothly? This is the reality facing Linda Bojmar every day, now back in Linköping to work on a unique study.


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