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What makes Linköping University special is our world-leading research environments and companies. In addition to scientific matters we address issues where the results can benefit all of society.

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Deploying the remanufacturing potential of the B2C manufacturing sector in Sweden

Most consumer products are not made for remanufacturing. There are a lot of fears, prejudices, obstacles and other risks on both the producers’ and customers’ sides. Dr. Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene together with Professor Lars Witell are ready to shine the light on that issue in the Remanufacturization project.

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The drivers of progress

headshot of a woman smiling.

With pain as a driving force – from refugee to professor

After a childhood marked by displacement, Bijar Ghafouri came to a place where she could stay. “In Sweden I got the opportunity to study what I wanted. Age or gender didn’t matter,” she says. Today, she is a professor researching long-term pain.

The astronomer who turned his eyes towards Earth

Magnus Gålfalk was ten years old when he became fascinated with space. His doctoral thesis was about how stars are formed. But now he is doing climate research at Linköping University instead.

Marianna Lena Kambanou sits leaning forward over the back of a blue chair, with her arms crossed.

Studying how reuse can be good business

Taking over things that someone else has used can also be business. This is what Marianna Lena Kambanou studies in her research.

Portrait picture of Björn-Ola Linnér sitting outside with some trees in the background.

Björn-Ola Linnér: I am a frustrated optimist

Climate researcher Björn-Ola Linnér never imagined an academic career. Here you can hear him talk about the road to  becoming a professor and, as a researcher, active in the environmental debate.

Per Jensen with a chicken in his hands.

Pioneer with animals’ best interests at heart

What do animals do? What do they think? Do they have feelings? These are questions that have fascinated people through the ages and represent a field of research of their own. In ethology, Linköping professor Per Jensen is one of the leading figures.

Portrait of a woman standing by a window looking into the camera.

The new Tage Danielsson professor is a researcher, poet and artist

She is a cultural theorist with an interest in philosophy, politics, media theory and art. In addition to this, she is also a writer and an artist. Keti Chukhrov is the new holder of Linköping University’s Tage Danielsson visiting professorship.


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